Healthcare companies are moving forward each day for a new innovative step to improve their operations and engage with patients to deliver their best services. These steps include increasing appointment bookings, promoting and running effective campaigns on social media, or improving and boosting customer support teams. Providing quick support and quickly solving queries can enhance patient satisfaction levels. Therefore, chatbot technology has become increasingly popular among healthcare organisations to help them better communicate with their patients, enhance patient experience and improve service quality.


An effective way to communicate with patients is through Social Media. Many healthcare companies are running campaigns on social media, reaching out to the world by showing their appealing offers, organisation information, or educational awareness. Running smart campaigns is an easy way to connect with patients, increase brand awareness, and promote their organisation.


One of the most effective ways to communicate with patients is on WhatsApp because WhatsApp has an open rate of 97%, which is way more effective than email campaigns or SMS campaigns. Through WhatsApp, information and infographics can also be shared with the patients. By running smart campaigns on WhatsApp, healthcare companies can engage with patients and increase their revenue at the same time.


But what if your WhatsApp campaign has a call-to-action button?

Yes, a call-to-action button where the patients can click on an interactive button and directly chat with an agent to get more information on that offer. This way, patients can get more and correct information directly from the customer care agent and move forward with their decision quickly. Chatting with an agent will provide a comfortable environment for the patients because they no longer have to search for customer care numbers or wait in long call queues. They can simply click the CTA button and chat with the care agent in real-time. This will increase your leads and reduce calls while increasing customer satisfaction.



Running campaigns with a call-to-action button will grow appointment bookings, boost engagement rates and reduce the significant rate of phone calls to the call centre, leading to increase in revenue of the business.


So how can your business take advantage of these campaign opportunities?

We, at Voiceoc, help hospitals, diagnostic chains and clinics to bring services on WhatsApp so that they can run campaigns and reach out to their patients in an effective way. We are already working with some of the leading healthcare companies of Middle East, India and Indonesia like Aster Healthcare, KIMS Healthcare, Max Healthcare, SRL Diagnostics, Al Borg Diagnostics, Columbia Asia etc and helping them with more genuine leads and engagement.


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