Cancellation Policy - Voiceoc

Refund / Cancellation Policy (if applicable)

It is agreed that either client or Voiceoc may terminate the service engagement at any time as outlined below:

  1. For Convenience: Client & Voiceoc may mutually decide to terminate this service engagement by giving a clear prior written notice of ninety (90) calendar days’, of its intention to terminate this service engagement.
  2. For Cause:
    1. In the event either Client or Voiceoc goes into liquidation or ceases to carry on its business;
    2. Material Breach of service engagement referred to in the foregoing clause shall take place in the event either Client or Voiceoc does any of the following:
      1. Client defaults in making timely payments as agreed herein;
      2. Voiceoc believes that Client is using Services in violation of the terms and conditions as mentioned in this service engagement;
      3. Either Client or Voiceoc provides unauthorized access to third user or fails to protect all data and information that is held in the other systems and there is a clear breach of security; and
      4. Either client or Voiceoc fails to cooperate with the other Party in rolling out the Services.

It is also noted that if the client terminates the service engagement after entering into the new billing cycle, by not following appropriate termination guidelines as mentioned in the service engagement, the client will be liable to pay the complete annual renewal charges for that year.